Research suggests that by coming together, men support each other to take action, problem solve and make changes that benefit them in their roles as leaders, team players and also personally.

By joining a group to listen to and learn from each other, men can make real changes in what they think and do, becoming more aware and resilient in the process. Men are more likely to maintain higher levels of performance and reduce their potential to overplay some common strengths

The structure takes the form of an hour's discussion for men working at Chipper Cash, held every 2 weeks, for 3 months.

The group is a friendly and professional discussion for up to 12 men, led by an experienced coach.
The following themes and issues will be addressed through education, discussion, and by meeting guests and experts e.g:

Men’s Health & Wellbeing - what we know but don’t always admit: be fit in mind & body.
Stress and Burnout - what are the signs? What do we do about it?
Resilience - how to think and be well.
Growth Mindset - successful ways to keep learning and perform to a high standard.
Interpersonal skills - how to communicate and connect.
Emotional Intelligence - what is it, how to do it and why.

Please note that places are limited.