Registered Metacognitive Therapist (c) 


Andy is a licensed practitioner with Addiction Professionals.
He also has a Diploma in Metacognitive Therapy and practices under supervision of the MCT Institute

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Ancy Cole - MCT
Metacognitive Therapy

Metacognitive Therapy (MCT) is a recent development in understanding the causes of mental health problems and in treating them. The approach is based on a specific theory proposed by Wells and Matthews (1994), initially used to treat Generalised Anxiety and subsequently expanded as a general treatment approach (Wells, 1995, 2000). The approach is backed by scientific evidence from a wide range of studies. Metacognition is the aspect of cognition that controls mental processes and thinking. Most people have some direct conscious experience of metacognition. For instance, when unable to remember a name a person may feel sure that the name is stored in memory.

Andy Cole - Registered MCT Therapist

Ancy Cole - Addictions Professionals - Registration Body and Network
Addiction Professionals

Addiction Professionals is a voluntary registration body and network for the addictions sector. They have a growing and diverse membership of practitioners working in the addictions sector, including behavioural addictions. Members come from a wide range of professional backgrounds including GPs, psychiatrists, counsellors, keyworkers, pharmacists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and mentors. Their flagship event is the annual Managing Drugs and Alcohol in Primary Care conference, held jointly with the Royal College of General Practitioners and now in its 26th year.

They offer a range of membership options to support practitioners throughout their careers, from voluntary registration and accreditation in our role as regulatory body, to regular continuing professional development through news, networking and education. They aim to raise and uphold high standards and quality in the addictions workforce.

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